Loan Products

Eligibility Criteria and Target Groups

A borrower has to be a Bhutanese above 18 years of age and fall under the following target groups:

  1. Land Rehabilitation Kidu Beneficiaries
  2. Armed Force Personnel and Spouses
  3. Youth
  4. Women Business Loan
  5. COVID-19 Response
  6. KUEN-Phen Financing

Loan Products

Land Rehabilitation Beneficiaries

  1. Rural Livelihood Loan: The Rural Livelihood Loan is targeted towards Land Rehabilitation kidu beneficiaries to enable them to make a living through their agricultural land. Rural Livelihood Loan will also be extended to farmers and cooperatives supplying to the OGOP under The Queen’s Project and BAIL.

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Armed Force Personnel and Spouses

  1. Armed Force Spouse (AFS) Skill Based Loan: The spouses of Armed Force Personnel trained under the Project HOPE, His Majesty’s Secretariat can avail this loan product to start income generating business in line with the skills acquired from the trainings they have undergone at the Vocational Skills Development Centre (VSDC).
  2. Retired Armed Force (RAF) Microenterprise Loan: The retired armed force personnel can avail this loan to start microenterprise in any sector to earn a living post their retirement from armed force services.
  3. Retired Armed Force (RAF) Housing Loan: The objective of RAF Housing Loan is to help retired armed force personnel build a shelter for themselves and their families post their service to the country. This loan will be used to to supplement their personal savings towards the construction of new house, and renovation or expansion of an existing house.
  4. Armed Force Children (AFC) Education Loan: Armed force personnel can avail AFC Education Loan for their children to pursue bachelor’s degree in Bhutan and India.
  5. Armed Force Personnel Loan: In line with the social objective of CareCredit, the Armed Force Personnel Loan will meet short term (emergency) financial needs of the personnel.

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  1. Youth Skill-Based Loan: Youth who want to start business inline with the skills they possess can avail this loan.
  2. Young Entrepreneur Loan: This loan will be offered to innovative and creative business proposals.

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Women Business Loan

The objective of Women Business Loan is to help increasing numbers of socially and economically underprivileged women, mostly divorcee living in urban areas. They shoulder huge financial responsibilities in supporting their child, age old parents and families. This loan product will help towards alleviating urban poverty.

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COVID-19 Response

  1. Business Relief Loan: This loan product was introduced during the COVID-19 Monetary Measure Phase 2 to encourage the recipients of Druk Gyalpoi Relief Kidu (DGRK) to transition from cash kidu to self-sustenance through income generating activities.

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KUEN-Phen Financing

KUEN-phen is a crowd funding platform spearheaded by Royal Monetary Authority in collaboration with Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Ltd and Bhutan Care Credit Ltd as a financial service provider.

This initiative is geared towards enhancing financial inclusion and fundamentally oriented to encourage small scale business dynamics towards uplifting livelihoods of the marginal segments.

KUEN-phen will raise funds through the integrated process of mobilizing donations from social investors and matching revolving funds to support impact oriented social ventures in Bhutan with the financing disbursement combination model of 15% Grants and 85 % Interest Free Loan.

Loan Amount – Maximum Nu.500,000/-
Loan Term – Max. 5 years
Interest Free; Collateral Free; Guarantor Free

KUEN-phen Financing was launched and an MoU between RMA and BCCL was signed on 25th March 2021.

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Loan Features

All loans are collateral free with maximum loan amount of Nu.500,000/- and a maximum tenure of 5 years (conditions apply).
Interest rates vary according to loan products.

*Please contact us for additional information on loan products and procedures.