About Us

Our Story

In accordance with the Royal Vision and Command of His Majesty The King, Bhutan Care Credit Ltd. (CareCredit), a microfinance undertaking of His Majesty’s Secretariat was launched on 9th August 2018.

It was incorporated as a public company by Company Registry and licensed by Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) to operate as a Microloan institution.

CareCredit is a microfinance institution founded to provide affordable and sustainable financial services to people at the grassroots to take up income generating activities. We strongly believe that the provision of loans from CareCredit has the capacity to change the lives of common people.

Majority of Bhutanese live in rural areas and are not covered by the formal financial sectors. CareCredit aims to financially empower people towards community building and transformation and eventually a happy and financially inclusive society.

CareCredit is different from commercial banks in disbursing small loans through non-traditional designs such as collateral-free loans, group lending and unique repayment modalities.


A happy and inclusive society through financial empowerment of grassroots


To provide access to affordable and sustainable micro credit and financial services